Clipping - Samples of audiofile

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Clipping - Samples of audiofile

I read

"FakinTheFunk scans through the samples of the audiofile.
It counts each sample that is clipping and the maximum amount of  consecutive  samples that are clipping."

Ok, is it possible to explane what is a sample ?  How is it determined.

Does Clipping mean saturation  ?  

As the french translation show. I'am not sure this is a right translation

But is it realy saturation or just a general cutting ? See different translation above.

The one I like is the last one :    overload clipping level.  /  niveau d'écrêtage de surcharge

So is it more clear to replace the french "Saturation' by "écrêtage (distorsion)'  ? :

This improves intelligibility and prevents clipping of the audio.
Cela améliore l'intelligibilité et empêche les microcoupures audio.

A limiter and a speech filter improve intelligibility and prevent clipping of the audio.
Un limiteur et un filtre vocal garantissent une intelligibilité optimale et empêchent les microcoupures audio.

[...] not play audio through both connectors simultaneously as this may overload the inputs and result in clipping (distortion) at the inputs.
[...] l'audio sur les deux connecteurs en même temps pour éviter la surcharge des entrées et la création d'écrêtage (distorsion) sur les entrées.

Audio Peak Indicator: This red light flickers when the audio signal approaches the overload clipping level. 
Témoin de pointe audio : ce témoin rouge clignote lorsque le signal audio s'approche du niveau d'écrêtage de surcharge.

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Re: Clipping - Samples of audiofile

Another question on French translation

In english

In french

The notion of samples is wipped in french

When I clearly understand what is the tolerence value, I can propose another translation