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More spectre to learn

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I continue my training of the reading of spectres

Here it is not any more jazz but psychedelic music.

On an album of 8 tracks, 6 are FAKE

Origin is Deezer in quality FLAC. ok it is surprising.

The source is clearly the same. The result not. ????

If I look at one of the files not FAKE, I see the clip at 20.347 Hz. OK, it is upper than 20.001 Hz.

First question, what is the curve with 320, 256... Ok, I know it is signpost of levels of clips for MP3 320, 256 ... but why the curve is so close to the beginning of the song ?.

By looking at the spectre, i get the feeling that density cuts at +/- 16500 Hz. An upscale sample ?

After that I put one spectre of a corrupted file, there also a cut at +/-  16000 HZ, but here the clip was finded at 19485 Hz